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Living group Harsewinkel

Living group Harsewinkel

The new building for the living group is surrounded by small residential houses. The master plan determines a 2- to 3-storey-high building with a pitched roof as well as the direction of the roof ridge. In respect of the situation that the pediments are oriented towards the streets, we suggest two pitched roofs twisted to each other.

The twist of the roofs allows for a reasonable orientation and natural lighting of the floors. Despite the division of the roof, the building is recognizable as one unit.

The staircase is located in the center of the building and connected to the roof for natural ventilation and lighting. On each floor up to 4 apartments are arranged. One recreation room with terrace is located on the ground floor. Another common area is planned as a large top floor. In winter the wideness of this space offers the opportunity to retreat when the garden can’t be used; Whereas in summer the residents find a bright daylite space at a comfortable temperature.

The glazed ceramic façade interprets the present materials of the existing stone buildings. The roof is planned as a solid construction to achieve the passive house standard. The ceramic material runs over the façades and the roof slopes. The large openings offer a comfortable natural illumination for the residents

competition 08/2008
footprint 240 m²
height 8/17,5 m
floor area 1,175 m²
floors 3 floors and basement