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Planning of a children's daycare center in Frankfurt

Planning of a children's daycare center in Frankfurt

The daycare center for children is a kind of multi-generational house in a small format for U3, kindergarten and school children.

The aim of the project is to create an ensemble of volumes for the identification of the children.
The group rooms and areas for differentiation as well as the central functions are already addressable from the outside since the volumes have different heights.

The individual cascaded scheme was developed from the urban situation. Remarkable are the L-shaped figure of the property and the existing row of trees in the southwest. The building is placed along the outlines of the neighboring buildings in the north and south, leaving two independent play areas for the children.

The ensemble starts with a high volume in the southeast corner near the neighboring building and is staggered reaching down to the play areas to create a graduation of the various room heights. The building volume thus appears less massive.

The different functions have specific room heights and illumination situations that generate various spatial atmospheres. The group rooms are the hubs for the kids and get the greatest heights with internal platforms. The group rooms are illuminated from three sides.

planning June - November 2013
footprint 823 m²
height 3,2-7 m
floors 1-2 floors