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Stylepark new building at the churchyard

Stylepark new building at the churchyard

A residential and commercial building will be extended into an existing courtyard. First of all, nothing extraordinary appears. However, the special feature of this building task - contrary to the usual backyard situations - is the visibility of the new structure of the adjoining Peterskirchhof. This park-like complex with its bordering cemetery wall is historically listed. Conceptual thinking does not focus on demarcation, but rather on building on and accentuating the various layers of time available.

The cubature of the new building is precisely matched with regard to the building mass and the lighting situations. The new building has two courtyards on the ground floor and generous roof terraces on the first and second floors, which add value to both the new building and the existing building.

On the ground floor of the new building there are new offices of Stylepark. Ideal room scenarios have been created for the needs of the company: two spacious open workspaces with rooms for retreats as well as a central coffee point as a meeting place for the employees are available. The two courtyards designed to illuminate the premises are used as lounges in the summer months and allow for visual relationships between the individual workplaces in the building.

On the 1st and 2nd floor are each a residential unit. A 2-room apartment with 44 square meters area and a 1-room apartment with 60 square meters area. Since the organization of the apartments is not only by walls, but rather by different room heights, the design allows a generous room impression despite limited living space. Generous window openings in different sizes allow the park to grow into the living spaces.

Exterior photos: Thomas Mayer

Interior photos: Patricia Parinejad