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Vitra factory building in collaboration with SANAA

Vitra factory building in collaboration with SANAA

In the far southeast corner of the Vitra campus one of the last old factory buildings was still remaining. The need for a new building led to the design of the new factory hall. The enlargement with this building will create a new point of attraction and contribute to the campus as a whole.

A round building offers an alternative to the present tradition of rectangular factory buildings on site. It has no front or back, leaving it to be explored from all directions. The trucks circulate freely around the hall, align star alike to the building, and then drive off in many directions.

As free the outline of the building is, as organized is its interior layout. With its large spans the thin steel structure offers a wide open space for logistical activities to take place. In this open space the different areas, racks and goods are carefully arranged according to a strict logistical concept. The hall has a free height of eight meters. Natural daylight filters into the hall through numerous linear rooflights.

Customized corrugated panels disguise the building, like a curtain, that hides the activities that take place on the inside. The different wave lengths of the panels create a vertical rhythm that gives this industrial product a special appearance. Openings in the facade allow for views of the surrounding.

planning 2006 - 2007
construction 2007 - 2012
footprint 20,455 m²
height 11.4 m
floor area 20,455 m²
floors 1 floor
client Vitra